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About Us

Tyre Salvage was established in September 1996.
In the year June 2010 Tyre Salvage became a member of the Chrisanti Group owned by Mr Chris Buitdendach.

Our Business focused mainly on the salvaging of used tyres for re-sale, the concept worked very well allowing our business to grow substantially from a small 208sqm workshop to 2700sqm-6000sqm workshop.

In 2014 Mr Buitdendach’s son Mr Stoffel Buitdendach joined the industry and Digit Ekurhuleni became a member of the Chrisanti Group providing additional Fleet management services.

Tyre Salvage has expanded tremendously in the last 6 years offering more Commercial trade services such as: New Tyre brands, Industrial Tyres, Brakes, Suspension maintenance and more.

The key to our company success are growth on customers 
services and high quality products.


To create Integrated Fleet sufficiency
through Innovation and Collaboration

Definition: Living a BRACED life  

B - I’m humbled in accepting every BLESSING received from God our Father, making us equal in His name.
RACE – G RACE D by Jesus Christ sacrifice’s for my sin.
D – I’m D EVOTED to embrace the Holy Spirit to be the best I can be in Jesus name, AMEN 


  1. To achieve wealth through Implementing SMART Strategic Business plans
  2. To deliver Inspirational business results through creative, collaborative
    and integrated Marketing strategies
  3. To ensure compliance effectively through efficient Business Control Systems,
    Processes and Procedures
  4. To exceed customer and shareholder expectations through our passion, mutual
    respect, great teamwork and a responsible business culture.
  5. Through Training and Development of our teams for personal and business growth,
    creating an inspirational team able to achieve optimal efficiency, continuously


  1. Living a BRACED life, inspired to honour our Lord Jesus Christ
  2. TRUST – To ensure Responsible Leadership to serve in the best interest of our collective future
  3. Empathy – To treat every person with dignity and respect, sharing the values of a BRACED life.
  4. Continuous improvement and personal growth – in order to lead, we will act with urgency, embrace change and capitalise on first to market opportunities continuously
  5. Integrity – Everyday Competent, Thorough and honest personal contribution to ensure efficient & safe work environment conducive to building string relationships with teams and customers like.
  6. Accountability – Personal responsibility to be the best I can be to my Family, Friends, Team members, Customers, community and our Country.
  7. ChrisAnti way – as a Business we will ensure our every action represents the best interest of all Shareholders.
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